Friday, 12 June 2015

Review Story – Immigration Services at Vmake Visas

Immigration, Oh! What a Heavy word and so are the Procedures that follow.

When I first thought of Immigrating to Canada from India the only Fear that came to my mind is – “How I able to do that all by myself?” Which Government Bodies to contact and when or which documents do I need to have for my case and how to improve them.

And when I thought, yes something is coming up! Then came my second Fear – “How to start or from where to start?” Should I Google all the information about the country I need to go? Or should I check out the Suitable Visa Program under which I can go.

A Software Engineer, having a simple earning and a boring seat in different field of work. Moreover, Work Burden is winning over my financial status. I needed something which can totally transform my life.

And then came in the Picture this very informative website of
From very First look I liked the way they have organized and categorized the content and the way the website was talking to me. I got all the required information about Canada Immigration and without wasting any further time I called them.
I must say that Vmake Visas have the finest Immigration Consultants with them; they attended me in a beautiful way and listened to my queries with patience. As I am tending to do, I asked them a lot of questions regarding every single detail and they not only resolved my queries but calculated my case eligibility according to the suitable Visa program.

In few days time I registered my case with Vmake Visas Pvt. Ltd. and from the very first day they have taken my entire burden on them. Eventually I visited My Case manager in their Head office at Nehru Place. The Case Manger from Documentation Team took care of my document part. As per the Visa Requirement they guided me on how to improve my Profile so that I can gain more and more points for my Visa approval.

In around 6 to 7 months, I got my Visa approval in hand and a big smile on my face. Vmake Visas team made my impossible dream true and today I am working in Canada as a Software Engineer and residing a peaceful life.
They finally transformed my life with their efforts and Hard Work.

When People migrate from one place to another, after their successful relocation, they often forget about those helping hands who made it possible for them. So, I took some time from my Life to Thank Vmake Visas, who made my aspirations complete.

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